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So I was fooling around with Tribes 2 today. I just got DSL so I figured I'd install Tribes 2 and test out the broadband. Well at 800 x 600 with the system in sig, the game was unplayable with the latest patch. My framrerate was god-awful. As I searched the web, I found many people, particulary ATI users, were having similar problems. So I went through every single setting in the game trying to tweak it. I finally turned off "interior textured fog" - and my framerate skyrocketed. Now I'm running 2x aa and 8x af and all the settings are maxed (except for interior textured fog) and the game is smooth as can be. I thought I'd post this to help others who might have the same problem.

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The game is very very buggy, once you get it working it should work nice, try changing to Direct 3d
It worked fine on my GeForce DDR and GeForce3, but I have had problems with it on my 9800 pro also.