First time overclock - Q6600 (voltatge question)


Jul 17, 2001


I left all my voltage settings on AUTO. do i really need increase my vcore? i managed to get stable OC so far, (still running prime95). The temps show are about 1hr into my prime95 testing under 100% load.
yeah thats what you should be getting, and no don't increase your vcore unless you go over 3.2
actually at 1.42 your vcore is pretty high.. try lowering it.. you might've gotten one of those higher stock voltage Q6600...
Looks like you have one of the higher VID Q6600's like I did (stock was 1.3125 I believe). Auto over estimates. Temps look fine, and voltage isn't dangerous, but that voltage is way high for that OC imo. Try setting it manually to around 1.35 and see how stable it is.

CPU-Z is going to show a lower number than what the bios is auto-ing at anyway.

i lowered the vcore to 1.3v. i also increased my dram voltage to 1.9v (max voltage on my ram) and lowered the case to 5-5-5-15 and boosted to DDR2-837. i hear some people have been able to get it up to DDR2-900 still running prime95. ill have to check it when i get back home tonight.
anyone know if you can get everest to have max and min voltages/temps like that? or some kind of log?
My G0 stepping q6600 runs 9x334 at stock voltage 1.225vid which is 1.168v in windows at idle (jumped right to 400mhz fsb from that so I haven't tested in between)

At 9x400 I use 1.45v to run 24+ hour prime95/ 60 Intelburn test passes stable, I haven't bothered to try and lower it.

Hopefully you can drop your voltage to near VID volts and run around 9x333=3ghz with those volts.