First Leaked Photo of PS5 Dev Kit Shows It's Every Bit as Weird-Looking as We Thought


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Dec 19, 2005
Our tipster also claimed this prototype came with cameras included, suggesting Sony’s new system may come with built-in support for the kind of video game streaming popularized by the likes of platforms like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. Sony hasn’t commented on the existence of any such feature, though, and Microsoft denied similar claims concerning prototypes for its next-generation console, Project Scarlett.

As for where @Alcoholikaust got the photo, they said it came from a developer who...well, you can read the rest.
Looks ugly: a modern take on the vcr, dvd combo player with turbo jet fans.
Dev kits are always outlandish. Remember, the retail console will probably look like a black box like everything else.

hmmm, maybe not since the GPU will need extra cooling this time 'round so separating the GPU from the rest of the circuitry like that makes sense.

It's also shaped like the letter "V" as in V for Victory?
Not sure why they would make their dev kit look so odd... but for what its worth ya the retail unit will look nothing like this.

The PS3 dev kit looked like a dual slot VCR... and the PS4 dev kit looked like a aircrafts blackbox.
and this is supposed to be what early ps5 kits looked like

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like this
came from here:

this was a 4

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edit: after more googling the first one i linked is the 4 pro (neo) kit not the ps5.

Was just going to say ya its the Pro dev kit rather. The neo is the kit you see at any Sony developer the last few years now. :)

I saw people leaking the Neo pics as Ps5... it is still possible that they are PS5 kits. It would be logical for the earliest version to simply use their Neo case.
Well if I didn't want to give a hint to the competition I would probably do something weird looking to. Dev kit doesn't need to look anything like production model.
I actually kind of like the design. I'll like it even more if it's practical\functional from a cooling standpoint.