Firingsquad interview with 3Drealms


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 30, 2005
Yes of course they asked about DNF. The article.

My favorite parts.

FiringSquad: Is there any more interest in making a Duke Nukem movie or is that project officially dead?

Scott Miller: The company that had the rights failed to make use of them, and so the rights reverted back to us. We'll wait until the new Duke game is released before talking to Hollywood again. Anyway, with the way Hollywood has so poorly handled game-based movies recently, perhaps it was best that a Duke movie didn't happen.

FiringSquad: The next generation consoles are either already out or due out before the end of this year. First, what is your current opinion of the Xbox 360 and its chances for success?

Scott Miller: I said from the beginning, back in the late 90's, that Microsoft made a business mistake getting into the console business. And from a profit and loss standpoint, that has certainly been the case -- they've lost well over a billion dollars, enough to sink many Fortune 500 companies. I still think it's a business mistake for them, detracting from their core business strengths (Windows and business software). But, from a personal standpoint, I'm definitely glad they're in the game, so to speak, because despite their loss my company gains tremendously by having another platform to exploit. I hope IBM and Intel also come out with consoles, it would make just as much business sense, after all.

FiringSquad: Finally what do you think about Nintendo's plans for Revolution and their attitude that they are going after a new audience and leaving Sony and Microsoft to fight for an already saturated hard core game audience?

Scott Miller: Nintendo has a image hurdle to overcome, as most people look at Nintendo like they look at Disney: A company for the younger market. The Xbox and Playstation are both positioned as the mature player's console choice, and it's going to be exceedingly hard for Nintendo to gain acceptance on that same maturity level. Not impossible...just hard.

All so very true.


Oct 10, 2004
Why are they already planning a sequel to DNF when they haven't come foward with anything on DNF since 2001?

In all honesty, I now rank 3dRealms right up there with that console that never came out but the company has spent a lot of money endorsing it.

I can't remember the name of it.