Firefox tabs falsely detected as "Not Responding"

OpenSource Ghost

Limp Gawd
Feb 14, 2022
Windows 10 19045 detects many opened Firefox tabs as "Not Responding" and using "Kill Not Responding Tasks" (taskkill.exe /F /FI "status eq NOT RESPONDING") command crashes those tabs, but those tabs work fine and respond perfectly unless that command is issued. I do need to use that command for other tasks, but not Firefox. What can I do? How can I prevent WIndows from detecting Firefox tabs are "Not Responding" ?
I don't have that issue with Firefox on Win10. Maybe uninstall Firefox and reinstall?
FF 126 was recently released and I'm having a lot of issues with it on one of my Windows 10 machines. The background process isn't closing and just hangs at 25% cpu until you force kill it. Does this even with no extensions enabled. Also some pages/tabs are randomly hanging. Anyone else noticing that?
the last couple FF updates have been fucky. on our work macbooks it switch itself to some foreign language catalia or something like that(ff not the os).