Firefox Edges Out Microsoft Browsers Globally

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Dec 31, 1969
Other than fuel for discussion, I don't even know why I post numbers like this any more. Just two weeks ago there was a completely different set of numbers showing Firefox in decline over the past year, lagging more than 31% behind Microsoft and Google. Next week, Safari will be king of the internet browsers. :rolleyes:
Still use Firefox myself I suppose, never was a big Chrome fan here.

I might try Edge out more once Redstone is rolling a bit.
What StatCounter measures is page views. It's more accurate to say that people using FF requested more pages in total than people using IE/Edge combined. This is why Net Market Share's data is more useful for user stats, because it counts unique visitors, not just page views.
I still prefer firefox or a variant thereoff

I had chrome at work and I really didn't like using it so i had it replaced with a Firefox variant. probably just a matter of being used to something
Chrome has too much memory problem and web not render correctly for me on the most part. Much more problematic than Firefox.

Stick with Firefox on both Windows and Mac.....
I tried to use Firefox as long as I could but, for watching videos, it star-ted chu- - -gging a-nd stu- - -tte- - -ring after I left around 10 buffered videos loaded for a couple of days. Even scrolling through plain text pages in other tabs stuttered until I closed all the videos and restarted the browser. With Chrome, I can leave 17 or more videos fully buffered for weeks and it continues to work buttery smooth. I had to switch.
Been using Firefox for years, but the latest versions run into memory leaks often that require restarting it. All of them are bloated browsers now. Plugins, interface and privacy keep me from switching.
Been using Firefox for years, but the latest versions run into memory leaks often that require restarting it. All of them are bloated browsers now. Plugins, interface and privacy keep me from switching.

Yeah sadly browsers these days are all about collecting and selling your information. This sucks .........
There should be death camps for those crooks who track and collect my data, it is an invasion of my privacy. On the other hand I really don't care if they track my browsing habits just as long as they do it quietly with out slowing my usage and they pay me for using my data.

I use firefox, dont care for chrome and do not use IE unless it is the only thing that works.

My wife's computer is still on IE 8 as it is the only thing that will work with the medical software and companies she bills for.
I have to use IE for work. Everything from my parent company is written to work specifically for IE.
As for my personal habits, I tend to switch back and forth. Right now I'm on a Chrome kick. Mainly I was doing some projects that has me using some Google products and it just "seams" to run smoother and quicker than Firefox for those uses. I used to be die hard Firefox for the plugins, but I am finding that I am using them less these days.
Been using Firefox since it was a beta, it had its painful moments but they resolved all of my complaints. I currently use 4 different extensions in it. I can honestly say this is the way I want my internet browsing to be.
Been using Chrome for years, love it. I'm fond of Firefox too, but Chrome has been my daily driver - GF uses firefox. My work has sites that only work in IE, so I just use IE tab in Chrome and it works perfectly. There's IE tab for Firefox too btw.
Does this include all the Android Phones int he world?

I only know 2 people who use Chrome on their computers out of a couple hundred. So, I call Shens.
I use Firefox maybe because it feels like Netscape Navigator to me, was a huge fan of Netscape Navigator.
I used to use IE on W95, then went to Opera, then to Firefox. Never liked Chrome, too simplistic, too "streamlined". I still have opera installed as a backup, but I use Firefox 99% of the time.
Firefox still myself. Chrome actually doesn't handle scaling as well for whatever fricken reason. Microsoft browser will still always be number one because you have to use it in order to download another browser lol.
These metrics vary greatly of course, but in general there is only one consistent take away - Firefox no longer dominates the top spot with impunity, mostly due to the arrival of Chrome, and this is a very bad thing if you care about principles of openness and privacy.

Firefox is the only major browser which is cross-platform, open source, noob-to-guru accessible, extensible, privacy-respecting, secure, and is designed for its users. Just about every other major browser on the market falls short in some way and this is a problem, especially with Chrome as a front runner. Chrome (and even Chromium) are to further Google hegemony. When it first released, it didn't even allow true ad blocking - instead, all you could do was hide the ad and frame, making it invisible but allow trackers to exist. There are other design/coding issues that come from even the open source Chromium being a tendril of a big-data gathering and advertising company - today, certain kinds of filtering with uBlock Origin, uMatrix etc...simply aren't permitted in Chrome/ium, and there are little issues such as guarding yourself against WebRTC tracking/leaking etc.. that don't have as easy fixes if they exist at all. Chrome has also given rise to the "Chrome App Store" which is frustrating, and it has caused many app developers to roll out a Chrome app instead of crafting an independent application. Even Signal, the open source encrypted messaging protocol, has been subverted in its original design for a number of Google-centric reasons, but its only desktop client right now requires Chrome. If you have users who don't choose Chrome as a browser, you're basically telling them to go pound sand. Chrome and Google claim to adhere to open protocols and whatnot, but its always "their" protocols - such as PPAPI plugins for Flash as opposed to the NPAPI that everyone else used. Even sites like Amazon Video today, when running standard bloody HTML5 video (I assume) will tell Firefox users they have to use Flash (or Silverlight?) and take it in a lower resolution!

All of this nonsense and instability has caused Mozilla to make some misakes, including making some aspects of Firefox more "Chrome-ish" because I';m guessing they are trying to recapture some of that market share. Mozilla has made some mistakes and I encourage them to get back on the right track (ie spinning Pocket off into an Addon and instead, writing an open source Pocket-replacement, kind of how they did with Sync back when Xmarks, another proprietary service, was at the top of the browser-syncing game. They also need to spin off Firefox Hello into not only an addon, but continue its development, Federate if they can, and most importantly bring it to MOBILE both as a separate app and as part of Firefox for Android/iOS . The fact that you can't make a new call on Mobile is bloody staggering), but I won't abandon them for whatever shiny bauble Chrome flashes next week. I don't want to give up security and privacy by letting the web browser market be controlled by a an oligopoly of essentially Chrome derived projects (Opera, Brave, and everything else out there is pretty much a respin of Chrome/ium) . Having a user-focused, privacy, security, and openness based foundation directing web browsing development is vital - they're the only light in a sea of for profit businesses that will further bend the Internet into a series of walled gardens.

Supporting Firefox is important these days, not only for the application itself, but the role of Mozilla and Firefox being a beacon for a certain kind of Internet. that respects privacy, security, where software should serve the user, not simply act as a surreptitious conduit to leech profit.