Fire Sale


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Feb 16, 2003
This fire sale will keep updating until the "Current item" is sold (payment received). Once an item has sold, the "Next item" will become the current item. If you see the current item that you want is still displayed, it's still available.




EVGA GTX 780 Ti SC ACX - Sold for $230 to Modder_man
Crucial bx100 500gb - sold for $120 to Imortalwon
E5-CPU sold to - ToddW2 for $300
GTX 650 sold to - sirplayalot for $40
Asus Nexus 7 - sold to Grimham for $35
WD750GB 2.5" - sold to badcookies for $20
I5-3570k, 8gb, mb, 120gb ssd, be/hddvd - $200
Q8200S, 8GB, SM mobo, 4x WD 2TB, 5x 1TB, 3x LSI card
9x WD 2TB Greens sold to Nannerbeans

Heatware: shepscrook

SHIPPING: I will NOT ship out of the country. I will NOT ship to anyone that is not a registered member of [H]ardForum. I will ship via UPS and USPS (Primary) depending on size. Tracking numbers will be provided.
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If only it was ITX... pretty good deal with the SSD thrown in.

EDIT: Maybe mATX would work.. I'd actually be interested in buying just CPU/Mobo/RAM for a lower price...
All items have shipped. Updated thread. I'm back from being busy in real life.