Finally drop on 4 TB: WD_BLACK 4TB SN850X NVMe $330

I like my 4TB SN850X. It does run warmer than my Seagate Firecuda 530. I've been using it as a game drive since early December.
Good price. It's gotten as low as $299 in the past from Amazon. If you don't need a drive right now, can't hurt to wait and see if it will go that low again. Amazon likes to use dynamic pricing, so YMMV.
Holy crap that's amazing. The next build for my step son will have a 4TB NVME. Whichever the cheapest one I can get my hands. That kid deletes nothing.
They go down to even $200 depending on your needs. It's a great time to buy nvme storage, that's for sure.
Prices will probably come down more for top end gen 4 drives like this as PCIe 5 drives finally start getting released. After all, that is only $10 more than what I paid for a 980 pro 2TB model back in November, 2021.

So the question becomes, would you rather RAID 0 a pair of 980 pro's, which are less than $150 each for heatsink free versions on Amazon right now, or one of these?
I would not recommend using raid 0 on these for an Os drive (I tried it for a while). If you are using it as a games only drive and have everything backed up maybe for that.