File Syncronization Services?


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Feb 22, 2001
I am currently using the free dropbox to sync my files from my home pc to my work pc to my laptop. I am looking at using more storage then the 2GB provided.

They offer for $10/m 50GB.

Is this a good deal or are there other services like it out there?

I'm not talking about online backup but easy drag n drop or work on the files in the share like dropbox.


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Mar 26, 2008
What you want is Windows Live Mesh. Skydrive (suggested above) is another Microsoft service, but is not for what you are looking to do (synchronization). With Skydrive, all you get is free file hosting, no seemless syncing. You put files on your Skydrive, and can access them via the web interface or the Skydrive Explorer app.

That being said, I use both, they just have different uses.

5GB free, and none of the folder limitations that Dropbox puts on you. Once I discovered Mesh, Dropbox was a thing of the past. Its SO much better. You install it on the first machine and then you select what folders you want synced with other machines and the cloud. (as many as you want) When you install the client on more machines, shortcuts to the folders you have synced show up on the new computers desktop. You then click on those shortcuts and select where on the second machine you want the synced folder to reside.

It really is quite intuitive once you get the hang of it.
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Jun 6, 2008
If you don't need to have the files accessible from anywhere, you can use Live Sync which has no file size limitations.

Of course as you're not uploading nor downloading from the cloud, the transfer speeds will likely be limited by the sending computer's upload speed. On a LAN however, the speeds are much faster than other services. I use it to sync my music folder between my desktop and my netbook.