FI27Q-X best settings for competitive gaming?


Limp Gawd
Mar 11, 2016
Who else has the FI27Q-X monitor?
What are your picture settings for best visibility for competitive FPS, i.e. PUBG?

When I first got this monitor I tried my own picture settings"
Brightness 50
Contrast 50
Gamma 3
Color Vibrance 12
OD Balance

While this setting looks very good, I was having trouble spotting enemies in PUBG.

So I tried the inbuilt 'FPS' picture profile, and it changed to
Brightness 85
Contrast ?
Gamma 1
Color Vibrance 10
OD Speed

This setting looks very bright and nowhere near as popping as my custom setting, but it gave me considerable better vision in PUBG, I can spot enemies much better. I turned it down to brightness 75 but alot of the image still looks washed out.

Is there any suggestions on what settings I should use for best visibility in PUBG and still get a nice vibrant image with good contrast, or am i going to have to pick one or the other out of vision and image quality?