Fastest laptop possible with quality Windows 7 support

Define "fast" 'cause until you do not much of what anyone suggests is going to matter. As for Windows 7, I've got Windows 7 working perfectly on a Kaby Lake laptop (Lenovo Yoga) that of course everybody at Intel, Microsoft, and Lenovo tell me "You can't do that, Windows 7 won't work on that machine..." and I like other people that know better just laugh in their faces over it. :)

Fast as in data processing for tasks like 3D rendering, fast as in high framerates for games, fast as in encoding speed for video data, etc.
Faster than i7-4810MQ 2.8Ghz that i currently own.
I suspect that Kaby lake will not be a huge improvement.

Yeah, Microsoft is funny.
Do you need Windows 7 for some app that won't run on a newer OS version, or is it just preference?

Because if it's just preference... well, to be honest, you're swimming against the tide and wondering why you're farther out from shore.
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I agree anything new is not going to guarantee support. I suggest you try and get your hands of windows 10 ltsb as it reminds me of windows 7 in some regards.
I'm not into ltsb or ltsc stuff.
Fresh ltsc fully updated:

I'm not ready for beta quality os.

Answering to myself.
Fastest laptop is Dell Precision 7510(7520).
1535 Xeon 4c/8t
64gb ddr4
512gb nvme
4gb m2000m quadro.

Lightning fast machine.

ps After some tests have come to conclusion that Server 2008R2 around 15% faster than W7 in I/O operations.
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