Fantastic support from Microsoft, you know you never hear the good

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by zalazin, May 22, 2018.

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    I believe in giving credit when its due. Friday night I attempted to upgrade a windows 7 desktop to windows 10 as I need it for VR. I had upgraded during the free upgrade period and then rolled it back to windows 7. You are then entitled by digital license to upgrade to windows 10 in the future. I started the process 9 PM and used a downloaded usb install flash drive,selected upgrade and a half hour into it I get unable to verify key message and the process and os reverted back to windows 7. I don't normally expect any tech support at 10 pm on a friday night, However after about a 15 minute wait a got a Microsoft Tech and he said he would do the upgrade for me. He then took remote assistance and started a new down load of win 10 ISO for install. He said he would call back an about 2 hours to install. Well you know how that usually goes.Roughly 2 hours later, he did not actually call ,but once again took control of the machine and started an install. The install crashed again. Did not have his direct number or even a case number. I call Microsoft again and took about a half hour to reconnect to tech support its after 1100 pm now. I got a female tech this time and using my phone number she was able to find out what happened. She informed she would have to do a custom install. She installed win 10.1803 without any further problems. The machine has worked fine since the install. I thank Microsoft for the exceptional support on a late friday evening May 18 2018. I even got a call today May 22 2018 asking If I was satisfied. I told the supervisor the same thing and that his techs were exceptional.. You know you never hear the good. I was really impressed......
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    It was morning in India.
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    I onced worked with a paid engagement from Microsoft support and the people were very nice and did a good job. lol and no, it wasn't a situation where I received a phonecall first. :ROFLMAO:
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    not entirely sure on your situation but those keys are usually tied to your Microsoft account, and its kinda fucky to find it on their site, but ive pulled my win8 key multiple times from account management page (maybe purchase history? I don't remember) just to reinstall win10... my most recent was when I did a motherboard swap/sidegrade….. win10 was like 'sorry you have to many machines tied to this account'...

    well a call to ms at 10pm or on phone, guy was super cool and was like "yeah no issue, we can fix that for you, but our systems are down right now so you would need to call back....alternatively, you can go in and change your computers name right now, log back into the site, and remove the old computer name, and that will do the trick, however I just cannot do it right now or for the next hour or so till our system comes back up"

    so theres that.... but in the future I do recommend you browse through their site, logged into your account, so you can familiarize yourself with its location...

    (additionally, win10 I do believe is login based, meaning the minute you log in, it pulls that information on its own, assuming there was anything tied to your account... IE you already installed win10 in the past you said)

    I cant remember the last time doing a win10 install prompted me for a key....outside of the very first time....could have been your install iso
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    I had great responses with old microsoft mice. (I just had to call and they would send me a new one that would arrive basically next day.) But with my recent yellow screen issues on my Microsoft Surface Book... While everyone I talk to is nice they wont do anything for a well known manufacturing defect. You can talk to them, or chat with them any time of the day. They will try to end the call by saying they will escalate the issue, but then they always come back that the only option to fix the below issue would be for me to pay 600 bucks. So needless to say I went with another company on buying my replacement computer.
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    Wow, that would really piss me off.