Fans in my Stock HP


Mar 20, 2004
hey, i have a hp pavillion 751n and i want to put these little guys in my stock hp 751n case without the use of jigsaws or any other hard duty power tools. The case itself is pretty small, limited space. where should i place the fans?

heres what the case looks similar to:


i would like to put these fans inside the case, i dont wanna cut any holes on the side panel.
Most of the HP cases have a fan mounting point at the back of the case, usually there is a duct from there to the CPU fan. Most are for the 92MM fans and should be used as an intake if you keep the duct, or can be used as exhaust if the duct is removed.

The one i have still laying around has pins to mount the fan on, and tabs that hook it to the case.

mounting point should be right above the PCI slots.

Hope that helps.
yep, my parents have the same model in fact. There is a duct just like racercarl said.

hey racercarl, where is garden city, Idaho? I am up in the Sandpoint/Coeur d' Alene area.
here are the official pics of my case taken with my dig cam:




as you can see, i have limited space... please help!

i would like to put 80mm fans inside my case but i dont know where.
Your options are most likely a top blow-hole or a side blow-hole. That, or scrap the front USB, and cut a hole there. You really do have limited space, I hate HPs :p
i already ordered 2.

and i need all my usb ports.

where can i bring my side panel so a guy can cut a hole and install a fan for me professionally?

i dont wanna spend money on a dremel, im only gonna use it once...
The white plastic thing that says PUSH, that is the housing I was talking about. remove it and you can put in a 92MM fan there. you can use small nylon ties or use a reducer and put a 80MM fan in.

remove those flat cables and go to the round ones, and you will get more air flow also. add custom vent slots to the front plastic case and it will flow well.

if you can find some one with 2-3/4" whole saw they can drill your side panel and then you can add another fan as intake. put it low and as far forward as possible and the case will flow well.

Hope this helps.

Bobsaget, Garden City is surrounded on three side by Boise.
Originally posted by jussA
im preparing my system for this

Fair enough.

My suggestion would be to remove the USB ports from the front, find a new location for them, and have all that space up there for a fan. Then, you could also make a top and/or bottom blowhole, from the look of it you could easily fit two on the bottom, but remember it isn't going to do much good unless there is room between the surface your PC is on and the PC.