Fan for chipset on Asus Tuf Z97 Mark 2


Aug 27, 2007
I have a fan that is 35mm x 35mm with a 3 wire connector. It is going bad. I can find 3 wire fans but not with 3 connector. Anyone know where I can get one?

Thank you

Yes, no, maybe so?
I don't have or use Prime. No matter what I order I get it's free shipping. And for Prime you remember their 2 day shipping? That's a crock. Never get 2 days. I once in a while use their trial. And never once got anything in 2 days. So without Prime I get shipment in the same amount of time that they say I would get with Prime. So I won't use their over price services. And don't care about their other benefits.

I hope it all works out for you. I wasn't able to find anything with prime shipping.
Just found the ones for the Asus Tuf Z87. 3 wire/connector. Everything matches even measurements. Sad part 4 weeks and from China where else. Order it now a waiting game.

Thank you for your help!
My mistake, it's the Z97 TUF Mark 1. Not 2

I vaguely remember having one of those boards, didn't it have two fans? Anyway they were optional, it won't hurt if if you can't find a good fit.

Also, you can always try to peel the hub sticker off and take out the plastic plug and drip a few drops of sewing machine oil in it. Might bring it back to life.
That fan is for the PLX switch chip if I'm not mistaken. A poor design choice just because they wanted to have that cover plate over the board, and without enough airflow, those chips run pretty hot. Most boards that used them would just have them heatsunk via a heatpipe that ran across the VRMs as well.
Glad you could find a replacement fan. For future reference, all the 4th pin on fans do is for PWM (aka speed control). You can plug 3 pin fans into 4 pin headers or 4 pin fans into 3 pin headers, the fan will just run at full speed. You can sometimes still control speed on 3 pin fans if the motherboard supports DC fan control (providing a voltage between 5V and 12V). But for a chipset fan covering the PLX chip I would just expect it to run a constant speed anyway so you probably could've just got whatever fan in the correct size.