Fan Cover Enquiry


Mar 3, 2013
I would like to cover my 2 top exhausts without fans installed by using fan cover without holes (not fan filter). Is there a fan cover that I can buy out there?
What case do you have?

I have seen covers by Lian Li that are simple black brushed aluminum panels, but I've forgotten the website...

You should also be able to easily make some out of various materials - anything that is an acceptable color or that can be painted as you'd like could be cut to the right shape and drilled for attachment.

Parts of old electronic housing (VCRs, stereo gear, old PC cases) or a sheet of Lexan or even wood could work out well.
Ouch - the rest of the case looks fine, but that top is awful:


I'd go to someone like these guys and blow some money on outside grilles to hide that :
You wont find 280 grills on that website. You could consider this Black 280 aluminum radiator grill to cover those perforations (2x140mm) and measures 294mm x 150mm x 5mm

Confirm the two 140mm fan hole screw holes are spaced at 20mm apart, so the grill will fit without modification to the top panel. Also measure outside of the perforations, to confirm the grill will completely cover them up.