Facebook Outage Caused by BGP Routing Error

In the end, the issue will perhaps inevitably be that someone, somewhere, received a request from a lowly engineer to update or implement best practices, and they failed to understand and/or ignored it.

Sadly, I've seen this sort of thing happen more and more frequently as the crusty old farts, who may have last been on the front lines when ATM was the up and coming thing, are pushed out to pasture and people with absolutely no relevant experience are slotted into their place. Sure, the old guy wasn't up to speed on the latest and greatest, but he knew the basics. The liberal arts major turned MBA they slotted into the old guys place due to "Management and interpersonal skills combined with a synergistic approach to evolving solutions" only understands ATM in relation to their bank card, and thinks the layers of the OSI model have something to do with cake.