F/S: Ubiquiti Unifi AC 5 Pack UAP-AC-LITE-5-US + more


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Jan 1, 2009
Hi there -

I ended up with an extra Unifi AC Lite 5 Pack from a project. This was used for less than 12 hours (Special event we needed WiFi for). Still in box. Still under manufacturer warranty. I missed my return window due to some things that came up in life. These do not come with the PoE injectors.

This same box is $357 on newegg/amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-Enterprise-System-UAP-AC-LITE-5-US/dp/B018ASI9M4

Was going to save this but I'm looking to get $310 shipped OBO to continental US.


Ubiquiti UniFi UVC‑Micro - Also used for same project - Looking for $80 shipped OBO. https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-UVC-Micro-Indoor-Network-Camera/dp/B00XNSAQNM (Price is wrong.. I paid $100)
24 Port PoE injector 19'' rack https://www.amazon.com/WS-POE-12-24v60w-Port-passive-PoE-injector/dp/B00CGN3Q14 - Looking for $50 shipped OBO.

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I've bought probably over $10k off this forum. So cheers to good buyers/sellers. Thanks!
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Interested in splitting? I could use one (or two I guess, at total overkill) for my house, but 5 is way too many.
I would take one as well. PM me a price on just one if that is alright with you.
I might be interested in splitting them. Downside is mainly shipping 5 things instead of 1... be aware you would still need a PoE switch or injector for these.

Hard to get full value out of them... even if I did say $60 shipped.. only saves people like $18 per? and you don't get a PoE injector like when you buy a stand alone.
I'd be up for 2 at $60 each. I've got an Edgerouter PoE, so the injectors aren't an issue for me. If you decide to split, let me know.
Think I'll split them.. since selling the pack seems like a pain. Messaging
If you still have some I'd take one for $60. I have no need for POE injectors as I have 60+ left over from a recent Unifi camera install.