[F/S] - Custom modded A4000 16gb (white 3070ti ITX)


Aug 15, 2006
Back up for sale. Had a buyer back out, started a new ITX build with it, but decided to stick with an ATX build instead.

Selling my custom modded A4000 16gb. In stock form, these are essentially a power limited 3070ti, but with 16gb of ddr6 vram, and all the other Pro/Quadro goodies the professional cards offer. It has the exact same GA104 die as a 3070ti, just limited to 140w in stock form due to the tiny, single slot blower HSF.

Modded, these perform at a 3070-3070ti performance level, but with less power, smaller form factor, and 8gb of additional vram. By far the most efficient ampere card in gaming performance. Also the most powerful card for its size.

-6 pin PCIE power pigtail replaced with 8 pin, soldered directly onto the pcb
-powerlimit raised from 140w to 180w
-Palit single fan heatsink
-custom designed and 3D printed shroud + white 92mm thermalright fan

The fan is powered/controlled externally. I plugged it into a spare mobo fan header, and used the FanControl program in windows to set a custom fan curve.

If desired, you can use a cheap crj > 4 pin connector and let the card itself control the fan. But the stock fan curve is very aggressive (for the stock blower fan), and has a minimum fan speed of 40% that can't be overridden.

This would cost $800+ to buy/build, not counting the cost of designing/printing the shroud. Stock cards are still going for $600+ on ebay.

$450 shipped. Payment via Paypal F/F, Zelle, or Venmo.

Note: If you pay for it, I can install a different heatsink before shipping (MSI Aero, Palit, etc).

Heat: https://www.heatware.com/u/46217/to




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