External SAS to SATA Cable?


Apr 24, 2002
I just picked up a Dell PERC 5e for really cheap and I am hoping to make use of it with a set of 3 750 GB SATA drives on my video editing/converting machine upstairs. The problem I am running into is the PERC 5/e only has external facing plugs. I am completely OK with looping some right back into my case through a spare PCI slot, but I have to find a cable that can handle this.

Something like this is perfect, but I would rather not spend $100 on a cable if I can avoid it (though it is exactly what I need).

I can also skim of a drive (just two 750 drives) if I need to. I think the PERC only has two lanes per outlet, and I may only be able to afford 1 cable. Any thoughts or suggestions?