External boot with Windows 10 in Asus laptop


Sep 17, 2006
I'm having a problem trying to do external boot on my Asus N56J, and I can't find or guess the reason why.

By now I have tried all the option the Bios setup menu allows, and it always ends up in the internal SSD.

Not even deleting the internal SSD in the menu allows me to boot from the outside.

The SSD I'm using on the external adapter is the one that already was in the Asus, so the Windows 10 should be fine. It had been updated to the latest version, which should 2004.

My original idea had been simply to clone that copy, which was on a Samsung 1TB SSD to a WD 2TB SSD. But a problem arose on the Samsung, quite likely caused in the update, which I realized too late it was happening.

In a certain moment all mouse (any of them) and keyboard ceased to command the arrow, and the only solution was to boot Windows. In about 20 hours or so the problem occurred again. Due to that awful 7-day policy Windows established to go back, I couldn't get to my old setup. No doubt something in the W10 latest update is causing it.

This time I'm trying to control every new update to avoid this problem to happen again.

I can upload every menu screen here, if necessary, but I'm not sure that might help. But please tell me if I have to in order to make the external boot work out.

Do suggest anything you might think of.

I've already ordered an extension SATA cable, so I can switch SSDs on the outside.

If anyone can think of a way to clone my old SATA into the old one and not have the