Expanding a wireless network.


Jun 12, 2001
I have a friend who needs to expand out his home network. He has cable internet in his house, and he has a workshop about 150 yards away.

He needs to be able to run 3 computers on a network in his workshop and have them be able to connect to his home systems.

He does have perfect line of sight from a second story window in his house, so wireless is an option, but he wants to do the PCs in the workshop wireless. The workshop is a metal building.

I was thinking that I could bridge 2 wireless routers or APs together to get from the house to the workshop and then set up an AP on a different channel in the workshop.

I asked about fiber but he does not own the land between his house and his workshop, so its a no-go. There is no phone service in the workshop and it is not connected to the house in any way.

His 2.4GHz cordless phone will reach to the workshop.

Does it sound like my idea is the best one? WHat suggestions would you guys have to get this system up and running?


Feb 3, 2002
That's the most plausible solution. Two wireless routers won't work unless you get one of the very few that support bridging but any two AP's should have a bridging mode. Point to Point or Point to Multipoint. Directional antenna on both sides of the link, then cat5 from the ethernet port on the bridge to the ethernet port on the AP. And yes, just change the SSID and make the channel a non overlapping channel from the bridge and you should be good to go.