Exclusive: Intel Xe HP 4-Tile 500W GPU EU Count Leaked, No It’s Not 512


[H]ardness Supreme
Dec 19, 2005
No real comment from me about this.

"Intel's ATS platform is going to be the company's first real foray into the world of high-performance computing and is essentially the prototyping platform for Ponte Vecchio that's coming later down the line. Here is where things get even more interesting by the way. I have heard that as of right now, only the 1 Tile and 2 Tile variants have been accepted (remember that the slides were in Pre-POPL2 stage and were made in early 2019) while as the 4-Tile still hasn't been accepted yet.

Considering Ponte Vecchio is slated to arrive in 2021 anyways, it might actually not make sense for Intel to continue forward with the 4-Tile monstrosity (but plans can and do change with these things). In either case, the leak (and this clarification) are about a product that is pretty much in its infancy in the product life cycle and it would do well to take everything at face value because the final product will probably look very different. The one thing I can say for sure is that if Intel does decide to go with a 4-Tile ATS GPU, it won't have 512 EUs - it will have 2048."