Excel text importing/formatting


Limp Gawd
Jun 18, 2003

Part of my job is to take readings of a car instrument panel and see where the color and luminace are according the the CIE chromoaticity chart. We are using software that is quite old and the only option for data exporting is copy/paste. This is an example of the raw data:

Obs: 2 deg.	Sw801	Sw802	Sw803	Units				
Luminance	8.389e+000	8.795e+000	2.457e+001	cd/m2				
 	2.449e+000	2.567e+000	7.171e+000	fl				
Obs: 2 deg.	Sw801	Sw802	Sw803	
x	0.1811	0.1901	0.1981	
y	0.3898	0.3913	0.4038	
u'	0.0990	0.1040	0.1064	
v'	0.4795	0.4814	0.4878

What I do is take that data and manually enter it into an excel template that cleans it up and looks more presentable. The down side to this is I am prone to typo's and it is very tedious. The format I put it in is like this:

Location           x       y        u'      v'        cdm2        fl
Sw801           .1811    .3898     .0990    .4795     8.839      2.449

Each location is a new row in excel and follow the colum format. I am wondering if anyone could help me manipulate the data thats in the clipboard with a vba macro or code. The data is always in the same format so I'm thinking a loop would work well. I know some vba but am very rusty.