Excel spreadsheet comparison?

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  1. Say i have 2 files.

    Both are identical in format.

    one is created on Monday, the other is created on Thursday.

    Is there an option in Excel that will automatically compare the Monday spreadsheet with the Thursday spreadsheet and highlight changes?

    Like, for example, Cell B15 on Monday gives a date of 01/04/04, and Cell B16 showes In Progress...

    and on Thursday it shows Cells B15 as 1/08/04, and B16 as Complete...it will highlight those.
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    Dec 21, 2001
    This might be what you want to do... (Direct from the Excel Help file) HTH.

    Highlight cells that meet specific conditions
    Select the cells you want to highlight.

    On the Format menu, click Conditional Formatting.

    Do one of the following:
    To use values in the selected cells as the formatting criteria, click Cell Value Is, select the comparison phrase, and then type a value in the appropriate box. You can enter a constant value or a formula. If you enter a formula, you must start it with an equal sign (=).

    To use a formula as the formatting criteria (to evaluate data or a condition other than the values in selected cells), click Formula Is in the box on the left, and then enter the formula in the box on the right. The formula must evaluate to a logical value of TRUE or FALSE.

    Click Format.

    Select the font style, font color, underlining, borders, shading, or patterns you want to apply.
    Microsoft Excel applies the selected formats only if the cell value meets the condition or if the formula returns a value of TRUE.

    To add another condition, click Add, and then repeat steps 3 through 5.
    You can specify up to three conditions. If none of the specified conditions are true, the cells keep their existing formats. You can use the existing formats to identify a fourth condition.
  3. thanks, noxpert

    I'll try this tomorrow morning.

    it'd make a 2 hour job much easier :)