EVGA's Stolen GPU Haul Turns Up in Vietnam


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Dec 19, 2005
Supposedly that truck load of EVGA GPUs has been located in Vietnam. This can't possibly be all of them, right? Also did you know the MSI was ripped off too to the tune of $340K?


"The above-linked Facebook post appears to be from a user who bought an EVGA branded GeForce RX 3080 Ti at Cong Nguyen PC store, Ho Chi Minh City branch. The user says they got the card home and installed it in a PC, but it wouldn't register with EVGA as it was "on a ban list."

The PC store is a sizable outlet in Vietnam that has previously been in its news stream for showing off crypto mining rigs stuffed with hard-to-get and often special edition Nvidia GPUs (e.g., Asus Gundam Series GPUs). Of course, the right thing to do is not to handle stolen goods, and we hope Cong Nguyen PC store gets in touch with EVGA, as it must now be aware of the provenance of this EVGA graphics card shipment if it was previously ignorant."

Source: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/evgas-stolen-gpu-haul-turns-up-in-vietnam
Most important question here is who took the time to arrange those boxes in a semi circular pattern? Either they did that for this one photo which must have taken a long time or someone has been doing a dance there to pray to the crypto gods.
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Jury's still out on if they were an Andy Kaufmann like troll IMO