EVGA products, not all of them have lifetime warranty. FYI

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    I wanted to give fellow [H] members a heads up that not all products have life time warranties. At least for me when looking at products, EVGA and lifetime warranties were expected on mid to high end products. Although I'm not affected at the moment, it appears limited warranty differences that started with 8800GT, 9600GT, 9800GT, and motherboards have made its way to the 260/280GTX product lines. So some of these models have 2 year, some have lifetime. I do respect EVGA for making a difference in savings between the two models, but just a heads up for future purchases.

    So although I realize vendors need to cut back, it's a little more work for the customer to find out the warranty ahead of time vs finding out about a 1-2 years later.

    It could be a way of EVGA trying to handle the problem with rma's and the expectation you require something better in the return. Not to say everyone expects this, or abuses this, but you can potentially have one person buy a 6800GTX with life time warranty and RMA it expecting a 7900GTX in return, rmaing that and getting 8800GTX, rma that and get a 260GTX, and rma that... So essentially getting free upgrades, with each product having life time warranty.

    Obviously it cost more money to stock older products for life, so there is some cost benefit to just replacing old models with current ones, but all you need is a few bad apples taking advantage of the system for a company to change policies. Case it point Costco, Newegg, and various other places changing return policies based on a few bad apples.

    Lifetime:The EVGA limited lifetime warranty is only eligible for part numbers ending in:
    -A1, -A2, -A3, -A4, -AR, -AX, -CR, -CX, -DX, -FR, -FX, -SG, -SX.
    3 Year:EVGA 3 Year limited warranty only eligible for part numbers ending in:
    -K1, -KR.
    2 Year:EVGA 2 Year limited warranty only eligible for part numbers ending in:
    -LA, -LE, -LR, -LX, -T1, -TR, -TX.


    2 Year Warranties:
    260 GTX

    280 GTX

    260 GTX

    280 GTX
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    i think most of us have known this for a while.. its the same way with their motherboards.. certain models are 2 year warranties and certain ones are lifetime.. but you also pay the price premium for the lifetime warranty cards/boards as well..
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    even you have the right model number. you gotta buy the product from an authorized dealer in oder to get the warranty. if you get it from ebay, you wont most likely even its new. and you have to be the 1st owner. however, you can always contact the one who you bought it from to seek out if they can provide you the warranty.