EVGA 7800 GT Component out problem


Nov 3, 2004
I bought a component cable yesterday to see if there was an improvement between this and my S-video connection and once I connected it and set me TV up... I received an image but it was in blue tint... I tested the three cables individually and they seem to be working fine. When I connected the red cable in the blue plug in the vid card's breakout box, the tint turned to red. It seems that the breakout box's red plug is not putting out a signal. Is it that the breakout box is bad? Or the video card is bad? Is it a driver issue? Has this happened to anyone else before?

Any help would be very useful! Thanks in advance!


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 29, 2005
Okay here's the fix, What you gotta do is set your tv to hd or ed in the driver. Connect everything and boot up. Right click on desktop, click nvidia display then click on the name of your monitor. This will take you straight in the nvidia properties. On the left hand side (depending if you have 1 or 2 displays connected) you will see either nview display settings (2 displays) or TV settings (1 display) In the even you see nview display settings you will see 2 monitors 1 monitor 1tv. Right click the tv and choose select tv format, a huge list will come up. It will probably be on M/Ntsc. Choose your tv's native res e.g. edtv 480P or hdtv 1080i etc.. etc.. If you only have 1 display connected (the tv) then go to tv settings on the left and change the M/NTSC to hdtv etc.. etc.. etc.. Let me know how it goes ;)