EVGA 280 GTX and BFG 280 GTX


Nov 17, 2007
Moving to a 570 GTX and need to get rid of these.

The EVGA card is just the base card. The BFG is the first OC model.

The EVGA I have had since they released and RMAed it once for heat issues(common problem on the first batch) and has worked flawlessly since then. Very mild OC with no voltage tweaks or anything. Will help with RMA proccess if it ever occurs.

The BFG I bought from a user here early last year I think. Has ran flawless for me and ran it in SLI for some time now.

The EVGA I would like for SOLD shipped via UPS

The BFG I would like for $100 shipped via UPS

Or both for $220 shipped

Verified Paypal ONLY.

Will get pics up if need be.

Please no low balls as I think there is very fair prices.
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