Events in Windows 10


Sep 17, 2006
I wonder if someone can help me understand, if possible if it shows in Event Viewer, a problem I'm having on my laptop.

This is an Asus N56J laptop, running Windows 10 Pro, probably for about 3 years or more. And it has worked flawlessly until very recently.

Now what sometimes happens, and I can't yet what is the chain of events taking to it, is that the mouse seems to stop controlling some functions, particularly those on the low bar, like power or similar.

In such situations, only the power button helps, booting off and on again.

How would that show on the Event Viewer, and would it indicate the cause?

I can show a picture here of the Viewer if necessary.
does it do it with a different mouse .. or plugged into a different USB port...?
You can look in the event viewer>windows logs>system and see if any yellow or red marked entries that might shed some light on your issue
No, I never tried if it happens with touchpad.

Not tried a different mouse, but I did try other USB ports, with no results.

It does seem something in particular is causing the problem, as it hasn't happened since yesterday.

But it did happen a few times before, so it was not a one time thing.
I can only speak from experience. Two years ago or so, we were installing clean Win10 on some Thinkpads (think it was 2nd gen Yoga X1's). For whatever reason the out-of-box *graphics* driver wasn't quite right, and would cause symptoms like this. The Start button wouldn't work, the entire taskbar went dead, even keyboard keys to this stuff didn't work. Luckily one of the first things these machines would do is a graphics driver update which upon reboot fixed the issue completely. We stopped seeing this issue with the more current models, so we chalked it up to Lenovo doing something weird in that particular model. Check ASUS's website for a driver update? Or try the latest Intel driver.
Ok, just now the mouse lock happened again: it's locked in the sand-clock icon. Freezing everything.

Can't understand why, but I did try to click on one item on the low bar when it froze.

I wonder if that will show in log events.
Do you run a third party antivirus? Those can easily do things like that when things go wrong. Or you're infected, which is another very possible scenario on Windows. I would just nuke the drive and reinstall if I were you. Windows is great as a virtual machine, you can revert it to a verified working state in a keypress.
All morning was fine, and now just froze again.

Is it possible to identify anything on the Event Log list.

Where would the problem show?

I will reboot when I get some answer here, so I can get the recent events.
One issue with using Event Viewer for diagnosing these sorts of things is drastic hardware problems won't be reported. You can communicate you have a headache, or a toothache, or a broken arm. You can't communicate that you've had your head cut off. Event Viewer can't really tell you that a nail went through the CPU while the system was on, etc. If the system is developing severe hardware problems, EV isn't particularly useful beyond a reboot causing a "system rebooted unexpectedly" entry or a flood of disk errors indicating a disk failing.

If the system hard locks up in some way and EV shows nothing, it's happening in hardware somewhere Windows can't know.
No, no 3rd party AV: just Defender and Malwarebytes.

I just bought a WD SSD 2TB that I will install on that laptop, so there will be a new reinstall anyway.

Pity Asus does not have specific drivers for this unit.
It's a pity this Asus laptop does not have separate drivers available for each thing, because I just solved a memory leak problem that turned up with Windows 10 in my Gigabyte desktop.
OK, let's look at this freezing problem in a different way.

I realized that it started after the latest W10 update, so I might seriously consider it's related to it.

How do I uninstall those updates and go back to a situation where the freezing goes away? How is that procedure? Might I be right in my guess?
OK, as I said I think the laptop's "freezing problem" might be related to the latest updates, particularly those in the 2004 update.

What do you think? Might that be so?

What I do know is that it's a recent thing, two weeks old at most. I don't recall having that problem before.

The ideal thing would be deleting one by one and see if the problem is solved, but on "quality updates" there's 51 of them!

Where do I start?
You need to roll back to 1909 the newest update was the 2004 update. Find that and remove it.
If necessary you might want to use Windows Creator and reinstall at 1909. The Microsoft website will have that for you to do.
The biggest issue of you need to think of is the 2004 update is like updating from Win xp to Win 7. There are massive changed with each feature update. Not a simple roll back.
I would double check that all your drivers are up to date. That is what the guys above were talking about. Though you use an external mouse the touchpad is still loaded. That drive may need an update and Windows combines the functions of the external with the touchpad.
You can try rolling abck the .net update and see if that was the culprit too.
The main problem is that this Asus laptop does not have separate drivers available as regular mobos do. It's a package, and you can't open and try separate options for them.

A fresh W10 reinstalling would wipe some games I use all the time which I can't find anymore.

I'd prefer to know which updates to uninstall, but maybe uninstalling them all, and then installing one by one, if that's possible, might be the best way to go.

A new 2TB WD Blue SSD is coming, that will be my C for the laptop. Let's hope I can get to solution before it arrives.
Is there a way to specifically uninstall just 2004 updates?

The 10-day limit is due, so I can't use that. How should I then proceed?
OK, found out it's not possible to uninstall Windows 10 2004 updates. You only have 10 days after they are installed, and then Windows deletes the "old" folder on the disk.

The only way out is to install it all over again.
Time has passed and I got frustrated expecting some solution that might come from Microsoft. It seems it will not.

The irony is because until the 2004 update, the laptop's Windows 10 had exemplary on handling all my programs, particularly games I can't seem to be to run on my PC Windows 10.

And the particular way MS arranged for the the 2004 update, which could only delete only after 10 days it was automatically installed, certainly didn't help.

The problem goes on: after about 24 hours of turning on, the program stops operating. It doesn't freeze: you just can't do anything or run any program.

Isn't anybody having a similar problem?

In the meantime I bought a new SSD to be used on this laptop, but I can't seem to install the games I had. Same problem I have n my PC, and which was not happening before 2004 messed things up. Quite irresponsible from MS not to provide the option to go back to previous version, and letting you know very thoroughly that that was going to happen. I wouldn't have updated, and I think that was what MS didn't want to happen.

So I'm stuck with an SSD that functions for about one day or another one, with a new install, where I can't install the games I play.

Any suggestions? I think I tried almost anything.
Ask yourself what things your two computers have in common. Perhaps your antivirus. What you're experiencing is not normal and is caused by something incompatible on your two systems.
The problem I described, things stopping operating, only happens on the laptop, not the PC. The only AV I use is Windows Defender. on both computers.
The only incompatible thing on mt PC are the games, that do not seem to work with the W10 versions I installed in the PC.