ESXi drops Win2K12 datastore on new VM creation


Limpness Supreme
Feb 8, 2005
Got an odd one for ya.

Windows Server 2012 R2 = vCenter Server + Datastore (NFS share)
5x ESXi 6.0 hosts

Everything was working great for the longest time, then I had the audacity to attempt to create a new VM. Whenever the installer (Windows/Linux/whatever) gets to the part where it needs to partition the disk, the entire datastore goes inaccessible. I reboot the Win2K12 box, and everything's peachy again.

The first time it happened, I noticed that I no longer had security rights to the datastore disk. I gave Everyone full permissions on the disk (Bad security practice, I know) and ran a scan on it. No problems.

That's literally the only thing that's changed in the last several months. What's going on?

edit: Okay, when I try to create a new VM on one of the ESXi hosts, it doesn't just bring down the NFS datastore share. It also brings down an unrelated SMB share!
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