Error on opening folders from CD


Mar 27, 2005
HI guys

Need an answer to an Important Question....

A PC of my friends has a problem with XP.

Here are the system Spec's

P4 2.4 Ghz
Intel 865 Pearl Mother board.
80 Gb Harddisk
Nvidia Geforce4 MX 4000 128 mb
LG Cd-writer

The problem is that everytime he tries to open a folder in a cd with large file content
explorer hangs and it shows an error message.None of the cd's seem to work
if it has a folder with large file content.But the installation cd or others with fewer content
seem to work ok.He uses "Nero Express 6".We used the same software in a pc with the same type of drive but
it was ok.We even tried changing the drives thinking that it might be the
cd writer that was busted but that was not the case.Even the changed writer did not work
properly on the system as it showed the same error the old one was showing.
We tried reinstalling Win Xp.But still no use.No we have installed win 2000 and its working fine.
He wants to use XP but this problem is preventing him from doing so.Any ideas what the problem could

Help will be really appreciated......