ErgoDox Ergonomic Cherry MX Keyboard Available (Again) at Massdrop


Jun 3, 2006
Hopefully this is okay here, but as an FYI there is a group buy going on again for the ErgoDox mechanical keyboard over at Massdrop. This is the "DIY" kit that you put together yourself so you will need a solder gun and some patience :). Lowest price is at $199. Note that they only have Cherry MX black, blue and clear keyswitches available this time around.

Their homepage is here:

The group buy is here:
No, not at this time due to resource constraints. From pg 67 of discussions:

Assembly Service: We’re not going to have an assembly service option since the manufacturer who handles the assembly service is backed up with orders due to the holiday season. As of now, they can’t give us a solid production schedule. Once they can commit to a prompt production schedule, we’ll launch a separate assembly service buy you can join. Ideally we can launch the assembly service buy while this round of the ErgoDox is still running, if not, we’ll do our best to launch it as quickly as possible.
Bumping this back to the top as the ErgoDox is available again.

Blue, black, and clear are no cost options, Greens and browns are $20 upgrades, and reds are a $10 upgrade.

There's also an upgrade for the aluminium top plate at $40.

You can go full hand for $10 more, or classic for no charge.