EQ2 Thread


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 17, 2005
Anyone here still play?
Class, server, spec. Still having fun?

I played since a couple months after release til ROK. Have a 69 Templar, crap gear, was in the best raid guild on server. Then we xfered servers, and I got a job and a wife... hence the low level and crap gear :) I was still having some fun before I quit.

So, anyone still play?
I played the beta, but didn't find any other players so i stopped playing. it must have been the prettiest mmorpg out at the time though
Still playing it pretty often. The game has changed alot since beta. The new starter area in RoK is the best for leveling imho. A lot better gear and experience.
I did play WoW and still have a fairly current (but inactive account), but found i was enjoying EQ2 more at the time so i shelved it till i get interested in it again. (If ever)
The player base isn't WoW size but it's respectable imho.
I currently have a 79 Froglock Assassin, soon to be 58 High elf illusionist and a host of alts.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea but i enjoy it and that's all that matters to me. :p
I still play regularly and consider it a great game. I have rolled with the punches since launch and have readjusted accordingly. There are many things I don't like about the game, like the fast leveling, all of the solo questing in RoK and things of that nature. However, I think its currently the best MMO, but that is only my opinion. I have four level 80 characters, including a dirge, coercer, bruiser and ranger. Its pretty easy and fast to level from 0 to 80 now though. This creates a large gap in people who know how to play their toon and classes and those that don't. Oh, and I don't feel the game actually gets really engrossing until you clear the 50's...
If you had an active account in the past you'll be able to log in with it until the end of the month.

The new RoK starter area is ceratinly th ebest place to start currently, however everywhere else is about to have it's items updated so they should be more even.
I had high hopes for EQ2 I played for about 1.5 years and it was OK but some things I didn't like.

The biggest flaw for me was the overall layout and design developers decided to place the zones and citys. It feels like EQ2 zones are all seperated from each other like theres no flow adventuring and exploring like in norrath in the first everquest.
I It feels like EQ2 zones are all seperated from each other like theres no flow adventuring and exploring like in norrath in the first everquest.

EQ had flow????? jebus I think you got your EQ versions mixed up. I made my first run from Qeynos to Kelethin in the days before the Lucin spires. Took literally hours with no run speed buff and was the most unpleasant experiance I had in the 5-6 years i played. travel in EQ was the least fun aspect of the game, but EQ was all about time sinks, nothing was quick. At one time that was something i liked about it. Near the end it was something that just made logging in a chore.

With EQ2 i can log and if I only have 30 mins to play I can do a tradeskill writ or get to a T5 zone to do some gathering quickly enough I can accually accomplish something in a short period of time.

And to be fair to both games, the Norrath of EQ2 is not the same Norrath of EQ, a lot changed when the moon blew up.........

But I digress, back to the orginal subject of this thread, yes i still play, I quit a few months before the server merges and came back about 6 months after that, deleted all my orginal toons and started over. My main is a 45 ranger on the Mistmoore server with a full set of tradeskill alts, each around level 30 or so.