EQ trouble.


Nov 12, 2006
I just installed EQ again for the new free play for about 1.5 months. I get this error. I'm not sure what it means either.

I searched google for free EQ trial I couldn't find anything, can you post a link where you got this?

Did you try posting on the EQ forums for this error?
It's part of the Living Legacy promotion. All old accounts are renewed from today until July 25, 2008 for free. I just put in my old Titanium CDs, and when I went to patch, that came up. I'm not sure what it is from. I posted it on the EQ website, but no responses so far.
Just go to the everquest main site and you should see something about it like the above poster said. Had a download link for it, but for some reason did not work for me. (Using my old disks atm anyhow to put it in).
I pretty much am old school since i haven't played it in 2-3 years, but if its free for 5-6 weeks, who am i to complain? :)
I just got an email about the free month of play yesterday, I have not played EQ in 3 years now, I am kinda tempted to poke my head in and see what the game is like these days.