Epic Games Store Establishes New Refund Policy


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Aug 20, 2006
The Epic Games Store has updated its refund policy to better match its competitors. According to director of publishing strategy Sergey Galyonkin, players may now return any game under two hours played within 14 days of purchase. “This is identical to Steam's policy, which the company enacted in 2015.”

Galyonkin notes that Epic still does not have a "self-service" solution. Previously, to receive a refund from the Epic Games store, users had to submit a request through a contact form and proceed through a number of verification steps, such as providing IP address, last four digits of the card that made the purchase, date the account was created, and other information. Now, players must still go through the contact form, but will no longer be met with verification steps so long as they fall within the criteria.


Jun 6, 2014
having a refund policy doesn't mean it works, you can have a very comprehensive refund policy and even if the user fufills tthe requirements, would still get a never ending series of hurdles to make you give up on the refund, to me this remains to be seem if it works as intended.
also user reviews is a must, if they are not taken down.
my point is, words are words, let's see the user feedback.


Nov 22, 2005
Reviews and refunds policies are good for consumers. I bought a game for full price recently (from Steam - I never buy full price games!). It is called Kingdom Two Crowns - simple indie game. It's a sequel to their original game called Kingdoms. Obviously, I was a big fan of the original.
Long story shorted: the original game was a lot of fun and I didn't have issues, so was looking forward to the sequel. Problem - it's buggy as hell and should not have been released. The developer is promising patches. Had I known it was so buggy, I would have waited to buy it (and if user reviews never improved, I would have skipped or waited even longer). The refund policy wouldn't help me for this game as the games are not really apparent until you are many hours into the game. Oh well...lesson learned. Never buy a full price game.
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