Japanese movie where a class of high schoolers are all put on an island with weapons and told to kill each other. Also the name given to the type of game following the same formula, e.g. PubeG and Fortnite. Also the game modes coming to the battlefield and CoD series.

PubeG hahaha love it.
Yes I have engaged in many long discussions here about this where I proposed to the Linux community that they stop forking constantly and start consolidating. Without fail the Linux proponents will come and defends all the forks. Sometimes a culture is just so broken it cant be fixed because the core mindset of the people who are attracted to that culture is so stuck in their ways. There was a time when Ubuntu looked like it was gaining serious traction and was going to be it, haha look what happened a bunch of people had a hissy fit and forked to mint splitting the community in half.
Yep. As smart as some people think they are in tech sites like this they still fail to realize that the average person is completely computer illiterate. People are use to windows or Mac OS. The abundance of different distros will do nothing but confuse and fustrate people. The average person doesn't even know how to install and setup a Windows machine. Let alone a Linux system. People are scared to mess with their computers cause they don't want to lose their important data that they don't even back up. I would love for linux to take over but it won't happen any time soon.
And I thought finally they were going to make actual games, you know like unreal.

But nooooo, live events, and esports, I have to vomit.
Can they scrape out a few hundred grand from that and make me a new 2d jazz jackrabbit?

Thanks epic
It isn't about being off the radar. If you couldn't make money releasing games on Linux, then there wouldn't be literally thousands of games native on Linux on STEAM.

It's that Epic is completely ignoring a market they literally developed for. It is wilful ignorance.

They _COULD_ release for it, and you're right, there's a very low barrier to entry, _thanks to their own work_, they just don't, and won't even acknowledge the topic publicly at all.

Doesn't that just make your argument all the worse, so you are saying that fortnite isn't on Linux dispite the engine being all ready for Linux, which means that even with one of the lowest barriers to getting the job done Linux is so far under the radar they still haven't bothered to do it. That is amazing given that Unreal is an engine and fortnite is a great place to show off what it can do getting it on nearly every platform. I think that makes his point crystal clear, step 1 get users. The fundamental problem with Linux users is they are always blaming everyone else for why no one uses Linux or ports to Linux. Stop blaming everyone else and start making the free OS more attractive and the customers will come.