Enigma - the rigid copper pipe watercooled Pc project build

Aug 23, 2018
Hey guys (and gals)!! First timer here at hard forums, and I just had a few questions and I was hoping to run into someone who has experience. It seems that the customary thing to do is list specs (Sry I think I've only ever posted a handful of times in my life) so here they are:

- I5 8600k @ 4.9Ghz @1.32V delidded with a Rockit Copper IHS installed, coolaboratory liquid pro on die and thermal grizzly kryonaut on IHS (temps max out at ~64 c)

- ROG strix z370-e motherboard
- Gskill ripjaws 16gb (don't have model infront of me)
- 256gb intel black nvme, 500gb Samsung 860 evo, 5x4tb Seagate hybrid drives
- evga GTX 1080 SC
- cooler master silent pro gold 1200w psu
- evga clc 280 aoi (either giving to my kids or selling)

I'm in the process of creating a rigid copper tube watercooled Pc. I've already ordered my waterblocks that match the look I'm going for. Originally I was going PETG Tubing for my first rigid build, but I was thinking that copper would just look so awesome. Another reason is that WC parts are scarce in Canada so I have to order everything from online which takes time. Copper pipe is dirt cheap and I'm 2 blocks from the depot.

The smallest OD rigid sold here is 1/2". I'm planning on using a sealer after polishing to stop it from oxidizing.

I can't find pipe benders to bend that size if tube so I've opted to use 90 degree adapters for the bends, in which was inspired from another build that I had seen that looked really awesome.

I plan on using compression fittings either from modmymods or frozencpu. And here's my dilemma.
Modmymods only has 13mm rigid compression fittings, which is really close but I don't want to chance having a failed loop because of this.

Frozencpu has 1/2" compression, but upon checking they have a specific section for copper tube watercooling that is very limited. I've sent them an email about this but haven't received a reply.

Basically I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using compression fittings with rigid copper tube. I've seen various articles but no one details the fittings used. Also would 13mm fittings work?

The obvious thing to do would be to grab a compression fitting and test, but it would cost me approx $30 to order in a single fitting. I was hoping to just order what I need from the get go but I'm not sure if I should be buying these or looking for parts at the hardware store.

Thanks alot guys!!!
1/2" is 1/2". It doesn't matter to the fitting whether you're using PETG, acrylic, brass, copper, or stainless steel - as long as the outer diameter is right, the o-rings will seal and you'll be golden.

It's generally a bad idea to mix imperial and metric. It sometimes works, but you run the risk of being bitten by manufacturing tolerances. I personally wouldn't take to risk, but I understand you gotta work with what's available. I'd try to find some metric suppliers for copper pipe, though that'll be a task - I've tried. XSPC makes 14mm OD pipe in a number of metals and also sells matching fittings.

IIRC, the only company you're going to find that makes proper Imperial-sized hardline watercooling fittings is Primochill. Monsoon, maybe.