Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro

Yeah, that's because this new Mac Pro is using parts that aren't even on the market yet.

VEGA Duo, Apple Afterburner.... let me know when you find them for sale elsewhere...
If I'm already using Cat6, why would I go with SPF+ and separate transceivers? I though I got rid of transceivers when I got rid of all that old 10mb ethernet stuff.

Beside, if you connect your servers with SPF+ and your main switch goes down, I hope you have a spare SPF+ switch around.
With 10G Base-T you could simply plug the cables into some spare 1GB ethernet ports and be back up & running until you can replace the 10GB switch.
10G Base-T makes much more sense for smaller companies.
IF your switch goes down I hope you have a spare switch there to begin with because it doesn't really matter what type of switch you have if it goes down you kinda need another one.... And Cat 6 isn't rated for 10G install that in an actual building and the random noise from the ceiling lights and heating units will keep it at 1G for stability reasons. Stable performance you need 6a minimum.
Commit to moving 2 million units per year for the next five years and sure. It'll be folded instead of extruded, however, with a welded seam.
Can't fold that without changing design shape. Could probably CNC most of it and still have a decent margin though..
Someone at Apple finally woke up from a 10 year coma. They can make a mac out of a toaster oven and people will pay $5000 for it.