Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw


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May 18, 1997
Enermax is putting a T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU up for grabs this week!

Lucky Draw.jpg

To enter this Lucky Draw, all you have to do is post ONCE in this thread and tell us what you would do with the T.B. RGB fans and RevoBron PSU.

Should you wish to not wait on winning, you can purchase the T.B. RGB fans and RevoBron 600W PSU today. The RevoBron 600W is currently on sale for $36.41! A six pack of T.B. RGB 120mm fans is $99.99.

NA and Canada Only.
Mmmm, those T.B. RGB fans would go rather well in the bottom radiator location in my Lian Li V3000 :D
T.B. RGB fans and RevoBron PSU perfect to get me jump started on my new build! Also, it will offset the high priced GPU's at the moment. ha!

In it to win it!
I still have a few slots in my case that could use a few extra fans for airflow! These would a great addition!
One or more of the following
1) Replace all the fans in my case with these so i can stop having to change the colors twice (once in the motherboard, once with the thermaltake controller that wont talk to my Asus MB)...boring
2) Configure a custom mount to the back of my computer that has all fans blowing rearward, add casters to my tower case, hop on and ride up and down the hallway on my shiny new Thermaltake View 71 RGB steed.
3) Create a different custom mount that allows my to stand in front of it and do custom windblown colored light selfies in all my glory.
4) same thing we do every night....try to take over the world.
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T.B. Honest, those would look sick in my setup with all the RGB I have. It’d be a rainbow dance party in my rig! These fans are sick!
I would use the Fans and PSU to give my rig the pimping it deserves.
I'd definitely RBG out my wife's computer and replace her old PSU because I can't bring myself to give up my shitty looking noctuas and SFX PSU
i like free stuff can i have some free stuf?! i'd install them in my system.
I would use it to power my pretend tesla...or just build a new rig.
I would use the fans for my radiator on my future watercooling build and use the PSU for a HTPC build.

If I was fortunate enough to be selected for the giveaway I'd use these parts to build my son his first true gaming system, things have been a bit tight lately but a great power supply and some case fans would really help the project finish up.
I am need of new case fans and a psu (actually a whole PC) because I knocked a 32 oz Coke over and into the top of my PC.
I am sure if it had RGB fans installed, it would have been protected against the ice laden sugar and caffeine infused carbonated beverage.
I would definitely install those in my system. I like to let anything RGB do its own thing. I don’t sync stuff up. All random color phasing. :whistle:
I would get my test server up and running. At the same time it would get some class.
I'd use the PSU to power on the RGB fans...

Then I'd strip down naked, attach the RGB fans to my hirsute body, turn off the room lights, and dance wildly like a Neon Lizard King.
Save both of these !fine pieces of equipment for the new Computer I am building for my son
A new power supply to replace my ancient corsair (5 years old), and new speed lights wouldn't hurt.
I was considering a new build and this would be sweet for my potential Ryzen system.
I would definitely use these for this incoming build!


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I wouls use them in my new build but disable/ignore all the RGB kitsch.
I would attach them to my head and power them with my acidic saliva. Then I would go out into the street screaming as if I was an rbg pimped up drone until a cop punched me in the face.
I think id buy a new smoked tempered glass case by Enermax. The Equilence looks awesome
Definatly use this for my daughters first gaming PC that im bringing over to her on my next trip overseas
I would use the fans to put on the back of my current AIO! It needs some RGB to complete the rest of my build!!!!
I currently have a Ryzen 1800 build not in a case, and sitting on my desk. But I bought dual EK XE 360 rads for the build, and those fans would just work perfectly. Thanks for the chance!
The T.B.RGB fans would help my case kind of pop, ya know? Removable fans would bring a tear to my eye when cleaning. Plus that PSU I could put in a couple other PCs I have (or even resurrect another PC).
I had my full length bequiet! power supply shroud edged out to display the name. As of now, I have 3 blue 120's on there. It looks good, but
nothing like what rgb fans inside of it would make it look. I can have the name flashing and cycling through colors all at the same time.

As far as the power supply goes. I would swap out my old 1200 watt black and red racing stripe
power supply, to cut down on all the wires, if the power supply will run my pc without any hiccups.

Looking to build my young one (just turned 4 in December) her own box since she's been using mine so often lately!