Enermax MaxRevo 1800W Power Supply Review @ [H]


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May 18, 1997
Enermax MaxRevo 1800W Power Supply Review

Enermax sets its sights on the very high end with this new MaxRevo 1800W unit. You will however need to be on 230v to eke out that much power, those of us with 120v input will be looking at a 1600W unit. However if you are building a high end HEDT with a huge multicore CPU or are needed multiple GPUs in your system, this one is worth a look.
definitily will miss haveing trusted power supply reviews, guess its good i went with seasonic titanium. should be a few years before i have to worry
For a moment i was wondering if this was the last [H] article. :cry:
Then i remembered that we are waiting for the space invaders investigation results. :alien:
Just about every PSU reviewer was your typical snake oil, regurgitation of advertising material. This was probably the most helpful part of the [H] and one I trust the most.

heh, if I was considering a PSU and it wasn't reviewed by Paul, I was usually overly skeptical of the claims from other sites....
Hey Paul.

I really appreciate the amount of time and effort you've put in to all these PSU reviews. I mean, I only ever check the Mfg name and the conclusion page, but it's really great to know that the data is there if I ever want to read in detail about how awesome my Seasonic PSU is.

I wish you all the best at JG.
Paul, thank you for an awesome review as always. Any idea on where you're going to land post-HardOCP? I'm interested in following your PSU Expertise going forward.

I'm not sure yet. I had two final reviews I had promised I would get done before the mothballing so I have mostly been busting ass to get those done. I'll take a look more seriously at options this next week (and hope Kyle has a change of heart some day in the future and gets the crew back together again).
I have relied on HardOCP for my power supply buying decisions for years (my old Seasonic X850 is still going strong). I am just repeating the above sentiments but not sure where I am going to go for my future buying decisions. You guys are the best!
I also wonder this, as this place has been how I learn what not to get ripped off on since I was a kid getting started in the hobby and it's one of the last things that hasn't changed much since then. getting old sucks as you watch everyone and everything you really liked go down the proverbial toilet and die.