Enermax iVektor Luck Draw - 3 Cases up for grabs!

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First and foremost is cooling with little or no noise, second would be tidiness of the build, and third would be "bang for the buck"
The most important thing for me is the inside layout. I look for how the components are placed.
It has to be easy to work with as far as installing/removing components, not having sharp edges, etc.
Need solid cable management...I like the cases that are grommeted. I also like the cases that have removable hard drive bays. Also like windowed cases and sleek looking exteriors.
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Most important feature: airflow (number of fans possible to install) - always what makes me decide what to get!
Most important case feature?

Interior working space. I don't like cases where I have to scrape up my knuckles trying to wiggle a motherboard down into place. More space also helps with cable routing, plugging in new fans, and just general maintenance.
The first and most important thing I look for in a case is efficiency in cooling. The better airflow, the longer I know my components will live.
It's all about the looks, baby. I want my rig to look sleek and sexy!
oh god... most important.... hmmmmmmm...

Airflow would be most important i guess with # of 3.5" slots 2nd...
I think the most important factor when looking for a case is design and roominess, since cases are usually easily moddable, having a case that is easy to work in makes building and installing parts fun to do, rather than painful or injury prone.
Most important feature of a case is the cooling. Every case should keep everything nice and cool.
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