Enermax iVektor Luck Draw - 3 Cases up for grabs!

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Fan placement & cooling options. I wouldn't mind sticking an h100 or something similar in it.
The most important feature of a computer case for me would be the size and number of components that can be fit inside. I like a big case.
The most important thing is the case's ability to hold all the components I'm going to stuff into it, and noise.
What is the most important feature for you when deciding on a case?

For me, the most important feature is that it is easy to work with. Screwless hard drive mounting brackets, and the like. The more modular and simple it is to work with, the better.
Since I build a lot of home theater systems that most important feature to me is the physical size of the case.
space, lots of space, iv got lots and lots of drives, and assuming they all fit they need room to breath
First thing: Capacity. It needs to be able to hold everything I'm about to put it in it comfortably and be ready for expansion.

Second thing: Cooling vs. Sound
Cool looking cases, heard of their good quality and would like it for a separate build.
Dust filtration.

My 24/7 rig has 2 layers of pantyhose streateched over the intake and all possible leaks are sealed with tape. I'm ocd about dust buildup....

Maybe I could get one of those nexpensive honeywell air filters at home depot and use that as as a intake fan in a positive pressure setup lol.
i can't stand gawdy looking cases. it's hard to find a sleek looking case that's also got all the features you want AND that's affordable. This one looks like a winner! and if it's potentially free... sign me up! :)
Usable space vs physical size. The larger the first and the smaller the second, the better.
Definitely cooling is the most important feature in a case for me since I am an enthusiast.
I like test benches best, but in a standard case, a large window is always good.
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