Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250 Issue and Rma attempt


May 13, 2011
So after some research it appears that i own the old revision of the Galaxy Evo 1250. This Psu has know protection circuit compatibility issues with certain motherboards. I attempted to rma this unit with enermax, but because the company i purchased it from went out of business and then changed hands i don't have access to the original invoice and enermax will not give me an rma number. So the big question is if there is a way to splice a resistor in somewhere or do some sort of modification to make this unit work on all motherboards.

The unit powers on and start up the first time you plug it in. But if you turn it off and try to restart the computer it trips and goes into fault mode. You have to wait quite a while. Upwards of an hour before you can get it to start again. And then if you shut down it will do the same thing. I have an older motherboard that this psu works perfectly fine with, so i know the psu is atleast functioning.

Any input or suggestions would be helpful.


Jul 7, 2005
Not sure if you've tried, but you can give them a call Monday and explain your situation. They are very nice from my dealings with them, top notch company. Number is 16269138899

Hope this helps :)