Ender 5 Pro heated bed (Z Axis) dropped.


Apr 10, 2021
I‘m a total 3d print novice and have had my Ender 5 Pro for 10 days and three prints so far. Today I switched on the printer and pressed auto home. The heated bed rose up and the print head did it’s little dance as usual. I then realised I wanted to clean the bed, so set the Z Axis to drop the bed by about 10cm, instead of stopping at 10cm the bed just kept on dropping until it couldn‘t go down any further - the motor was labouring trying to drop further so I quickly switched the printer off. When I switched back on, the z axis drive was idle, so i selected auto home, expecting the bed to rise back up and reset, however, it didn’t and instead the motor once again began trying to drive the bed down, once more labouring before I switched the printer off again. I subsequently tried to control the z axis using its controls and also loaded and enabled a print, thinking this might reset the bed, but both only exacerbated the issue. I have contacted Creality support and waiting their response, but wondered if anyone could offer any solutions please?
I wondered about removing the z axis section from the printer and manually rotating the gears to raise the bed, but worried this might cause a further issue. although the motor only grinded for a few seconds, is it likely to be damaged?


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 6, 2006
Any upgrades?

Can you manually trigger the end stops?

Check the wiring into the mainboard. Make sure they are the correct wires, no knicks, and are not loose at the board or end stops.