Ekwb Nickel Plated 2080ti Block After 3 Months Of Use With EK Clear Cryofuel.


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 22, 2008
I dont get it, whats wrong with this image?

Soooo you're gonna buy pure metal blocks of only one specific metal type? Like a pure copper block or pure silver block?
Huh what? Blocks are made from pure electrolytic copper. I don't get your question, what other metal are they made from? Pure silver what??


Aug 7, 2011
+1 for the Koolance coolant. Been running it for YEARS and 0 problems. And if there were going to be problems, I would have them. I let this shit run in systems for 2 or 3 years at a whack. When I swap out parts (soft tube with QDCs), I am not afraid to mix in different Koolance coolant colors when I top off the reservoir. Despite that, still 0 problems. Clean blocks and seals, no corrosion anywhere. Aluminum rads & nickel plate blocks or Copper rads and copper and/or nickel-plate blocks, all good.

And the price for it from Performance PC's is very reasonable if you are planning on buying pretty much anything else with it to qualify for the free shipping. (Speaking of Koolance coolant pricing - the Amazon pricing for this is plain stupid - as in $25/bottle vs PPC's $14 last time I checked)