Eizo FS2434 vs EV2451 vs Benq EW277HDR


Sep 18, 2006
Did not wanted to create separate topic for this but after all I have a hard time deciding.
Monitor for singleplayer games, dark souls, bloodborne and many sp games like new metro exodus.
I am ok with 60hz since those games are either locked to 60fps (soulsborne) or are very demanding (metro runs 108p 60fps with ray tracing with rtx 2070).

I wanted to give up on IPS after bad experiences with ips glow, bleeding and so on on 144hz 1440p monitors I've had and other. That's where idea for EW277HDR comes from. A simple, bigger 27" va with good contrast, stability and so on.

Any ideas? Or something else ?

edit: Update - went 4k ips. Should provide a stable and a bit "future proof" experience.
Also tested that benq Ew277HDR - fine display but va gamma shift and center black crush is very annoying and makes colors look uneven and washed out. Nothing extra ordinary for VA but guess I am too used to IPS at this point. oh and the stand sadly sucks
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Limp Gawd
Dec 30, 2011
That BenQ doesn't seem to have FreeSync, which you can use even on nVidia nowadays. I have the Samsung in my sig (slightly older model), personally I would go with something similar from Samsung that is also 144Hz 1440p and has FreeSync 2.