Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

I like to oversaturate my colors a bit to give games more pop...but here is a few test pics from my PG278QR ebay listing (I bought the newer curved version)

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I have the PG278QR....after a tad of Nvidia control panel color manipulation its a good picture. Doesn't that XL2730 top out at 144hz whereas the Asus hit 165? And isn't its AG coating twice as aggressive as the PG278QR?

Also, no Gsync Support on that XL2730??? Riiight in the trash bin with it good sire.
You're forgetting the fact that manipulating gamma by software in the control panel introduces banding, and even worse, some games will just decide to ignore any settings you make there. I don't think the XL2730 has 165 OC feature, and the AG coating is the same as PG278Q/QR.

144Hz in itself is so smooth and makes tearing non-existent, so at least I value the XL2730's ability to do correct gamma more than G-sync, even though I have a nvidia GPU. I'm probably getting the XL2730 as I just tested my fourth C27HG70, and it again has horrible grey uniformity.

Do you guys see any weird patterns on your TN panels with this 5% grey test picture from rtings.com? Or is it completely uniform?