Edge Computing, AI to Drive Smart Storage Development, says Seagate Executive


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Banseng Teh, VP of Global Sales and Sales Operations for Seagate, is predicting edge computing and AI will drive smart storage development. He believes edge computing will continue to grow along with cloud computing and there will be a need to speed up transfer of data from the cloud to the edge as businesses build systems that need fast processing and use larger amounts of data. If you agree with this use case it's easy to see how AI needs the same kind of smart storage so it can process huge amounts of data without bogging down. I'm not sure this means storage devices are going to get faster as much as I believe smart network design is going to ease bottlenecks. We'll have to see what Seagate is going to bring to the table as edge computing grows.

Teh indicated that edge computing can be regarded as an expansion and extension of cloud computing, as it will grow along with the demand for real-time smart processing and can release more cloud resources for enterprises to promote new functions and business growth.


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 15, 2004
Let AI decide where to put your data, so when something goes wrong, you have no idea where your data is.

Lower the price of Server level SSD's and I'll have all the fast storage I need.