EA/Origin download problem

Aug 3, 2006
I'm in full whiny bitch mode right now. Performed a clean install of windows last night, set everything up, d/l Origin and try to d/l BF1. Its been doing this thing where it climbs a few % then drops back a few %, I'm at 72% right now and its gone as high as 80% then rolls back to 60%. I'm beyond frustrated... All these EA/Origin outages lately are pissing me off.
I just want to play the game I paid for. Anyone else experiencing problems with Origin?
Haven't had any issues recently, no. But the new interface design does still have some bugs and quirks to work out. In fact, I'm pretty sure the progress bar not accurately tracking your download progress has been a thing forever. Blow up the download status to fullscreen and see what happens.
I can't blow it up, i just have the small status window down in the bottom left, then when I click that, another small window appears beside it, showing the d/l speed and % progress.

96% now...jesus, with my stellar internet it only took 8 hours :whistle:
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So, I wanted to post a new thread, but I am having Origin download issues as well and I have no idea why.

EVERY Origin game I try to download starts off fast, but then within a minute or two slows down until it's downloading at 500 bits per second, and then to 0, and then I got a popup that downloaded failed and opening Origin it says that the download server failed or something.

I have had to download my games in 5 minute increments, but the last two I am trying to download just will not download. I have tried fresh installs of Origin, multiple reboots, and nothing works. The downloads just fail every time. I have gotten only a few to download successfully, but those were only successful after multiple reboots and straight-up giving up for days at a time. Not sure what is going on. Steam downloads everything without issue so what's going on here? There are no firewalls blocking, because a handful of Origin games have downloaded but only after reinstalls and reboots of Origin itself.

It's just infuriating because it makes no sense.