E7205 "Granite Bay" -Anyone still using this?


Oct 25, 2004
**Aopen AX4R-Plus**

Was sorting some stuff in my garage and stumbled on this mobo and remembered that i had it :rolleyes:. I feel stupid buying this long time ago for $200 and now its just collecting dust. Its been almost 2 years now since i threw this into the garage because of the lockup issues on my Radeon 9700 pro.

Since Ive already ordered 6800GT for my p4c800-D, I wont be needing my 9700pro anytime soon and I could put that back on this board but im afraid coz the problem is still there.

Has anyone solved the problem regarding the 'agp bug' on E7205 motherboards? Any workaround to prevent lockups with 9700pro or does having dif'rent video card helps (ie. 5900XT) ?